2018 Aggie Muster FAQ

A note from Club President, Denise Mattox ’03, answering a few questions you may have if you’ve never attended an off-campus Muster or if you’re confused by it being a little more laid back this year…

It’s OK to go by yourself. You’ll be walking into an event full of family, not strangers. This is one of the biggest things that sets A&M apart from other universities. The Aggie Family is legit. 11 years ago, I walked into my first Muster in Nashville casually knowing one Aggie. One. Today, my list of Aggies I could greet by name and a hug is closer to 100. They are all a wonderful network of people I could call on personally as well as professionally. Don’t miss out on your chance to meet your next best friend or maybe your next co-worker.

You don’t need a babysitter; kids are welcome.  ESPECIALLY THIS YEAR! Bring the kids! We made sure to get a shelter relatively close to the playground for this very reason.

Why do we charge a meal fee? That money goes toward the meal, location rental, any supplies we need, and anything left over helps fund our scholarship for future Aggies.  Unfortunately, this year, we had to tack on a $2 convenience fee to tickets for anyone paying through Eventbrite. But you can mail us a check to avoid that fee if you choose!!

Why the price break between early purchase versus day-of? We need to know how much food to purchase to cook. So obviously we would prefer you pay in advance to help us know more solid numbers. Consider it an incentive. However, if you don’t pay in advance, don’t think you can’t still join us. I’ve always had one rule of Muster: ALL AGGIES are welcome.

What do my dues go towards? A variety of things! Some goes towards our scholarship. Most goes towards being able to host fun events, like a Sounds game outing. You get a discount on your Muster ticket when you pay your dues before that year’s Muster. You also get a super cool branded merch item – which this year we’ve chosen a sweet golf umbrella! Don’t miss this!

What about the weather? It’s rained the last few years on Muster, so we are fully aware of that as a possibility. Therefore, we made sure to rent a picnic shelter to bring us out of the rain. We survived rain and a 40+ degree drop in temperatures for our Vanderbilt tailgate a few years ago. We can totally do this!

Can I add a name to the roll call?  Absolutely. We have a list provided by the Association of Middle Tennessee Aggies’ names to call. But we know you may have someone close to you who passed away and you want to hear their name called. We wholeheartedly invite you to add their name to the roll call. We’d be honored to list them during our ceremony.

How can I help?  We need four or five volunteers to help with the crawfish boil itself. If you are interested, contact me immediately! Also, if you are interested in being a part of the ceremony itself, also let me know. I’ll be putting the program together within the next few weeks.

Should I bring anything? If you have camping chairs, bring those for extra seating options besides just the picnic tables. Feel free to bring any yard games you may have. If you have a specific beverage of choice (NO ALCOHOL per park rules) in case we don’t cover your preferences, and of course your Aggie spirit.

What IS the menu? We’re hosting a traditional Crawfish boil, featuring crawfish, shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes. We will also offer, for those who aren’t crawfish fans or have any allergies to them, barbecue brisket with a couple sides. Cookies and various beverages.

Can I come early or late?  Absolutely. We plan to have an invocation and start serving food close to 3 pm. There are plans to start playing 42 around noon. The actual Muster ceremony won’t start until everyone has been served – loosely 4:00. We have the park shelter reserved for the entire day, though, so you are welcome to stay as late as you wish afterwards!

I have more specific questions! Email Denise!! Don’t decide to not come due to doubts or questions. If she can’t answer your questions, she will refer you to people in our planning committee who may be able to do so.

 Purchase your tickets now!!!

Sat, April 21, 2018
3:00 PM
Edwin Warner Park, Shelter 4
50 Vaughn Rd
Nashville, TN 37221